Vietnam spoils the senses with its visceral landscapes and beguiling culture. Incredible rural landscapes lead to ancient historic relics while towns and cities are the melting pots of society.

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Vietnam is one of the Far East’s most popular tourist hotspots as more and more people come to feast their eyes on the country’s extraordinary heritage and culture. The boom in tourism means teachers in Vietnam will easy find brands and names they are familiar with but the beauty of this country is how easy it is to slip away from the chaotic city life in destinations like Hanoi. And with low living costs, teachers in Vietnam will have money left over to be able to leave the classroom and explore landscapes that have to be seen to be believed.


Teaching in Vietnam


With the importance of education growing in Vietnam so are the opportunities.  Salaries can seem low in comparison to other parts of the world but when low cost of living is factored in you’ll find you are actually really rather well off. Teachers should have two years of post qualifying experience and EAL (English as an additional language) experience is a distinct advantage.

Teachanywhere can help you consider the exciting challenges that teaching in Vietnam presents.  We have first hand knowledge of this amazing country and will be keen to share our insight.


Travel Highlights


Travelling is cheap - Whether it’s on a bus, train or plane, travelling around Vietnam is cheap.

Use Wifi - Vietnam is generally well connected to wifi so make the most of it.

Haggle - As a foreigner you’ll likely be charged more for almost everything. So haggle!

Get out of the city - Most of the sacred and beautiful sites in Vietnam are away from Ho Chi Minh.

Foodie heaven - For the best food in the country, travel to Hoi An and soak in the beautiful small village vibes while snacking on Hoanh Thanh (fried wontons).

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