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Teaching in Singapore

If you’re keen to work alongside some of the brightest and most qualified teachers from all over the world, Singapore is where you need to be applying to teach abroad.

Competition is high as The Singapore Ministry of Education takes an active role in the approval of overseas teachers, and therefore the country has the option of selecting ‘only the best’ from international countries across the globe.

Singapore is a clean, safe and thriving city-state where education is highly valued and good teachers are rewarded.

  • Population - 5.6 million 
  • Currency - Singapore Dollar $
  • Religion - Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity
  • Language - English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
  • Major rivers - Kallang River
  • 11 national holidays per year

Fun facts about Singapore

  • Singapore has no capital, and is one of three surviving city-status in the world
  • You can find the national anthem in microtext on the back of the $1000 note
  • It has changed its timezone 6 times since 1905 
  • Singapore consists of one main island and 63 other tiny uninhabited islands and islets
  • The highest roof top bar is in Singapore, its 282 metres above ground level
  • Buildings in Singapore cannot be higher than 280 meters, so they do not obstruct flights from Changi airport


Salary and benefits

  • Salary varies greatly depending on experience, qualifications and location. 
  • Benefits typically include accommodation allowance and return flights (at start and end of contract).
  • Living costs are still relatively low despite recent increases.
  • Requirements to teach in Singapore
  • Applications are considered based on overall suitability, however, a Bachelors degree is required and teaching certification is highly recommended to improve your chance of success.

Requirements to teach in Singapore

  • Teachers must be licenced and/or certified to teach in their native country
  • You must be a fluent, English speaker
  • You must have a Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant subject
  • You must have at least 2 years’ teaching experience at the relevant level and in the relevant subject

Working hours in Singapore

Schools typically have an average of 20-25 teaching hours per week, however this will be different in every school.

About Singapore – the experience

Singapore is one of the top destinations in the world for nightlife, restaurants, airports and shopping, and is frequently hailed a must-visit destination.

It has managed to preserve its past whilst adopting a contemporary focus and it is this combined lifestyle that attracts such a large expat community (over one third of Singapore’s residents). Expect to be faced with a mix of languages, cultures, and foods.

It is one of the cleanest cities in the world and although very heavily populated, over half of the island is made up of  parks and nature reserves (maintained by its tropical climate), making it easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Food in Singapore

Singapore's national dish is called chicken rice, but its no ordinary chicken and rice. Rice is a staple food, often accompanied by meat and/or vegetable dishes cooked in their specific ethnic style.