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As an EdTechcompany, part of the Faria Education Group, Pamoja is pioneering the future of secondary education on a global scale. They provide schools with online learning solutions, from structured content to courses fully taught by their own teachers.

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International teaching.


Pamoja teaches thousands of students from hundreds of schools around the world. Since 2009, Pamoja Education has provided online International Baccalaureate (IB) courses to IB World Schools across the globe. In 2019, Pamoja introduced a complementary initial offering of online Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS and A Level courses to Cambridge Schools across the world. This initial offering was significantly expanded in 2020.


Pamoja's mission.


Pamoja's mission is to broaden choice and access to high quality education. Pamoja is passionate, committed and excited about their unique learning model in which students develop the skills they need for university, work and life.

Becoming a Pamoja teacher.


The role of a Pamoja teacher is first and foremost to facilitate learning - not direct it. Pamoja teachers are committed to doing more than supporting students in achieving good results. They are dedicated to developing students' capacity as independent and collaborative learners. To achieve this goal, Pamoja teachers must give students room to learn - and let go of some traditional face-to-face, teacher directed, student management strategies. Pamoja's platform, systems and personnel are dedicated to closely monitoring student progress and intervene when and where appropriate. However, teachers trained in skilful student management can reinforce the student's responsibility for learning without neglecting them and develop their independence from teacher-directed learning.

The approach to teaching is very similar between Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International AS and ALevel and IB Diploma Programme(DP)Courses, with all courses operating to a 33-week timetable in Year 1 and a 29-week timetable in Year 2.

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