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Teaching in Dubai

If you’re looking to earn a tax-free salary and live in one of the most prestigious, commercially motivated cities in the world, teach in Dubai.

Multinational schools in Dubai offer a high standard of education and contemporary facilities. Teaching opportunities span from early years and primary through to secondary/high school positions.

If you’re looking for your next teaching challenge and are prepared to immerse yourself in the local culture, Dubai could be the place for you.

  • Population - 2.459 million
  • Currency -  UAE Dirham
  • Religion - Islam 
  • Language - Arabic
  • 13 national holidays per year

Fun facts about Dubai

  • Crime rate in Dubai is virtually 0%, because of the strict law. That is why this city is considered one of the safest cities on earth 
  • The biggest mall, tallest hotel, second largest man-made marina, and the world’s largest aquarium are located in Dubai
  • The world’s largest gold chain is in Dubai. It was made during DSF- 1999. Total 22 kg of gold was used and the length of the chain was 4.2 km
  • The Dubai mall is so developed and famous, it has a snow park and it is considered as the biggest indoor snow park with an area of 3,000 square meters
  • The Dubai police fleet includes a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley 
  • Dubai has the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, with a 164 floors 
  • There are ATMs in Dubai that dispense gold bars
  • More than 70% of Dubai’s residents are expats 


Salary and benefits

Teaching salary in Dubai typically ranges from 9000Dhs (£1,300) and 15,000Dhs (£2,400) per month, tax-free depending on experience and school type. Benefits usually include free accommodation, return flights, medical insurance and an end of contract bonus. The tax free salaries and school benefits mean teachers in Dubai can live comfortably and save money during their contract.

Requirements to teach in Dubai 

  • Teachers must be licenced and/or certified to teach in their home state, and be a fluent, English speaker
  • You must have a Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant subject
  • You are often required to possess at least 2 years’ teaching experience at the relevant level and in the relevant subject
  • Contract minimum of two years

Working hours in Dubai

The working week starts on a Sunday and finishes on a Thursday, with Friday's and Saturdays being weekends.

Internal schools tend to run from earlier in the morning to earlier in the afternoon, to make way for extra curricular activities 

About Dubai – the experience

Dubai is best known as a place where rich cultural heritage and westernised living exists side by side – a place where beautiful beaches meet skyscraper hotels, and vast deserts provide an idyllic and contrasting backdrop to its modern, thriving business community.

Year-round sunshine attracts millions of leisure and business visitors from all over the world; both looking to explore the ancient attractions, visit the designer shopping malls and stroll through native spice markets at some point during their stay.

Situated on the south west corner of the Arabian Gulf, it is the second largest emirate in the UAE. Its central location has allowed Dubai to become a popular and accessible tourist destination and also gives teachers the opportunity to visit nearby countries in school breaks.

Food in Dubai
Every cuisine is available in Dubai. The most common foods here are starters and salads. The other staple foods here are Matchbous, Esh asaraya, hummus, Ghuzi, tabbouleh and Mehalabiya.

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