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Interested in teaching in Europe but not sure which country is right for you?

Choose from one of our most popular European teaching destinations, below. 


Teaching in France is an adventure for determined, high-calibre teachers unafraid to meet rigorous quality standards in schools, and resolute in their ambition to make a difference.

The French education system demands high standards but can provide huge progressive opportunities for successful teachers, as well as an idyllic way of life when you immerse yourself in all this beautiful country has to offer.

Understanding and speaking the language is a huge benefit but not a requirement and although it can prove difficult to save a significant amount of money, salaries are in-line with living costs.


Known for its relaxed lifestyle, Spain remains a top teaching destination amongst both experienced and newly qualified teachers because of the numerous teaching opportunities on offer. The warm weather helps too, of course.

There are a growing number of bilingual and local international schools in Spain, and teachers coming to this country must expect to deal with children for whom English is not the first language. 

Aside from bull fighting, sangria and flamenco dancers, Spain has much to offer in the way of culture, lifestyle and entertainment. Expect to find cathedrals, amazing architecture, beautiful beaches and mouth-watering food. 


The draw of Italy is apparent to most. Steeped in culture, history and fascinating architecture that tell stories of times past; it’s no wonder that Italy remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 

Experienced, English speaking teachers are in high demand in Italy so why not make living and teaching here a reality?

Tip: the cost of living in the South of Italy is lower than in the better-known cities of Florence and Rome; however salaries remain similar to those in the North.


Nestled amidst the Alpine villages you can expect to find some of the oldest and most exclusive international schools in the world in Switzerland.
Swiss schools are usually a bit like Switzerland itself - well ordered, logical, well run and well-funded. Class sizes are small, parental support is hands-on and children are academically motivated.

Teachers working in Switzerland need to be at the top of their professional game. Teaching jobs in Switzerland are highly sought after and competition is fierce. Swiss international schools usually charge high fees to students, and therefore teachers’ salaries are higher than in most parts of Western Europe, as are academic expectations. 


Experience Mediterranean life and work in top international schools, where a choice of Turkish culture (North) and Greek culture (South) make for an interesting and varied curriculum and way of life. 

Salaries and benefits are based purely on experience, qualifications and the nature of the school you teach in, but are generally very competitive. Combined with a low cost of living, it’s no wonder Cyprus has become a high-demand teaching destination. 


A progressive empire with much to offer teachers and travellers from across the world, Germany combines bustling cities with tranquil countryside, and boasts a world-class education system.   

Competition for teaching jobs in certain areas is fierce, but if you possess the relevant teaching qualification and level of experience, you shouldn’t struggle to secure a job in a top international school. 


Since joining the EU, there has been an increased emphasis on developing the education system in Poland. English is becoming commonplace in schools across the country as the need to improve communication skills becomes more apparent. 

Salary and benefits for teaching in Poland are very good – the country wants to encourage ambitious and skilled teachers to help them develop and improve standards in schools - and most international schools cover the costs of accommodation, provide travel allowance and sometimes include healthcare. 

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