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Assistant Primary Principal
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Start Date: August 2024
Region: Far East and South East Asia
School Curriculum: Australian / IB
Experience Required: 10 years

The School
This international school in Phnom Penh offers a modern education within traditional values, whilst preparing students for the future. The school is modelled on Australian private and independent education standards, with a balanced focus on academics, pastoral care, co-curricular options, sporting activities, the arts and character development, in an international context, focused upon the IB. Located in northwest Phnom Penh's up-and-coming neighbourhood of Russey Keo, the school is spread across 6 hectares (15 acres) of spacious grounds. Brand new purpose-built facilities create an exciting and stimulating learning environment. The campus has an impressive array of first-class facilities, including a purpose-built Early Learning Centre, primary school and secondary school buildings containing a variety of learning spaces and creativity centres, all linked to 21st- century learning: a large gymnasium, library, swimming pool, toddlers' pool, café, technology centres, maker spaces, science labs, sustainability project area, orchard, free range-farm and many more amenities to foster learning and recreational pursuits.

Living and Working in Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh is the vibrant bustling capital of Cambodia. The city exudes a provincial charm and tranquillity, with French colonial mansions and tree-lined boulevards amidst monumental Angkorian architecture. It is the gateway to an exotic land with the temples of Angkor in the west, the beaches of the southern coast and the ethnic minorities of the North-eastern provinces. The city takes its place among the hip capitals of the region, with 5* hotels, an alluring cafe culture, bustling bars and a world-class food scene.

This is a non-teaching, leadership role. The Assistant Principal Primary is responsible for the academic development of all Primary Years classes (Foundation through Year 5): the planning, implementation, assessment, recording, and coordination of an effectively aligned Australian curriculum and the PYP Framework.

Leading the Primary Years team from a foundation of contemporary research and using data as a basis to inform and lead teacher practice, student learning, and change management processes.


  • Lead, the teaching, learning, and assessment cycle using an inquiry-based approach with and for all teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Use evidence-based and research-supported strategic thinking to lead, develop and imbed high-quality teaching, learning and assessment practices in all Primary Years initiatives and classroom practices.
  • Support and mentor new and aspiring Primary Years teachers and teaching assistants
  • Lead learning engagement input and feedback through constructive evaluations and co-teaching practices.
  • Lead and provide continued support to all teachers in curriculum development (including writing and implementation of curriculum initiatives) through coaching, modelling and reviewing of teachers' and teaching assistants' practice through scheduled classroom observations, professional development plans and departmental meetings, etc.
  • Lead the Primary Years team in collaboration with the PYP Coordinator to support the IB reauthorisation process through collaborative and shared responsibilities with the Primary leadership team ( Primary Principal and Asst. Principals Primary Years), MYP, CP and DP Coordinators.
  • Lead the Primary team in the support and implementation of the Primary Years Philosophy (available on request).


  • Be an active member of the Senior Management Team by using evidence-based practice to provide feedback regarding the progress and development of the implementation of a Primary Years' Philosophy.
  • Communicate with the Primary School Principal and PYP Coordinator at scheduled meetings to keep them informed of developments and updates.
  • Collaboration with the PYP Coordinator to ensure relevant and ongoing updates are disseminated clearly and effectively to the Primary Years team.
  • Deliver curriculum-related parent meetings and workshop opportunities in order to promote curriculum knowledge and understanding and develop community relationships.
  • Attend coordination and development meetings with the PYP, MYP, CP and DP Coordinators to share best practices and ensure consistent implementation of the curriculum through vertical and horizontal alignment of all four IB programmes.

Professional Development

  • Provide induction, continued training, and professional development as required and initiated for the Primary Years Programme for all new teachers and teaching assistants in collaboration with the PYP Coordinator and the Primary Principal.
  • Communicate relevant IB relevant and strategic goal-aligned professional development to all Primary Years staff.
  • Review professional development applications, including budgetary constraints, from Primary Years teachers and teaching assistants, to ensure they are in line with the professional development policies.
  • Monitor and review the effectiveness and success of induction programmes, continued training, and professional development at regular and agreed intervals.
  • Lead, develop and provide professional development and supporting learning activities and opportunities as they relate to the school's explicit improvement agenda.

Curriculum Development and Implementation

  • Develop systems and documentation including mapping the transdisciplinary program of inquiry, grade-level unit planners, policy documents, guidelines for evaluation, and continuum initiatives.
  • Develop a culture that embeds a collection, analysis, and review of data to inform the creation, development, and implementation of all curriculum pursuits and student learning activities.
  • Provide guidance for collection of raw documentation and analysis, and ensure documentation informs the learning stories.
  • Collaboratively plan with the PYP Coordinator for the implementation of the PYP framework and Australian curriculum during planning meetings with all Primary Years grade level teams.
  • Provide guidance for Primary Years teachers in understanding all relevant scope and sequence documents which includes grade level collaboration on all elements of the PYP, EYLF, and Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy to ensure teachers use and implement a range and balance of differentiated teaching strategies that involve learners actively in their learning and address their individual needs.
  • Work closely with teachers to ensure the effective implementation of the IB learner profile attributes.
  • Oversee the review of the Programme of Inquiry on an annual basis in collaboration with the PYP Coordinator.
  • Attend relevant and approved IB workshops.
  • Support teachers in the development of independent learning plans.

Assessment and Reporting

  • Lead a data-driven culture that informs and leads to effective decision-making and improved student outcomes.
  • Ensure assessment and reporting practices reflect AISPP's philosophy, IB learner profile attributes, and IB requirements.
  • Ensure that all Primary Years teachers have access to the reporting guidelines and are familiar with reporting structure expectations.
  • Organise and coordinate timelines for reporting learner progress, including Learning Stories, student-led conferences, and Parent Conferences.
  • Lead and provide professional learning for all Primary Years teachers to use a range and balance of assessment strategies to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve maximum outcomes.
  • Lead workshops for teachers and parents that enable teachers to communicate effectively with parents to support their understanding of assessment.

General Responsibilities

  • Organise peer observations, reflections, and reviews to inform the ongoing development of pedagogical practices for all members of the Primary Years team.
  • Engage in team teaching opportunities that reflect our commitment to providing effective teaching, learning, and assessment cycles.
  • Undertake any additional responsibilities as reasonably requested by the Primary Principal.
  • Maintain professional, ethical, and confidentiality standards.


  • At least 3 years of school leadership experience
  • A deep understanding of and experience implementing PYP (Australian curriculum knowledge a plus)
  • Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Education, a Masters Degree in Education preferred
  • High-quality organizational and self-management skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Leadership that is proactive, agile, innovative, and independent
  • Knowledge, experience, and contemporary practices in leading a variety of models of teaching, learning, and assessment including play-based learning
  • Communication skills supporting an environment reflecting inclusive practices across multiple cultures, teams, and personalities.
  • Experience and practice using an inquiry-based approach for observation, analysis, review, reflection and adjustment skills
  • Open-minded, adaptable, flexible and a team player
  • Competency of Google and other IT systems that support leading the work at AISPP

Salary and Benefits

  • Competitive Salary with low tax in USD (teaching roles are from 32- 50K USD depending upon experience)
  • International Health Insurance
  • Accommodation Allowance
  • Flights
  • Tuition for Children
  • Annual IB certified Professional Development Program
  • Orientation and support program on arrival
  • 2 year contract


Curriculum knowledge and experience



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