My name is Olivia and I’ve been working with Teachanywhere for nearly three years now as an International Recruitment Consultant. 

Whilst I am typing this I am mentally preparing all the things I need to sort out before I fly out to Dubai for the third time (yes, third!). It has become an annual holiday of mine, a rite of passage that I have to take around the autumn time when I can JUST start to feel the bitter cold in the air, preparing for the winter months ahead. 

Every week I speak to new teachers who have decided that it is time to spread their wings and relocate abroad to an international school. Dubai has to be the location that I get asked about the most! With the number of teachers moving abroad internationally increasing, Dubai seems to be the number one location that sticks in mind! So, what is all the fuss about Dubai? Here is my overview of this ever-popular Emirate, along with other countries you may want to consider when looking at the Middle East as an option to move to…

All about Dubai

Sunshine and brunches!

The sunshine has to be the biggest draw for many! With temperatures on average of 34 degrees for the whole year (and they can top 40 degrees), you will definitely be getting a great dose of Vitamin D! Year round sunshine is appealing, especially when back home winter nights are drawing in. Alongside the weather, the social side is also a massive appeal. The weekly ritual can see many people enjoying four hour brunches on a Friday – unlimited food, drink and entertainment! In addition, with a lively nightlife, social groups, sports clubs, pool club parties and shopping at the famous Dubai Mall you are truly spoilt for choice. 

Home from home

The expat community is great in Dubai and whenever I return, I find myself meeting new people from all walks of life - Brits, Americans, Irish, you name it! This is no surprise, especially when expatriates count for just over 88% of the total population in the UAE. I've found that the fact that Dubai can feel like a home away from home is a massive appeal to teachers, especially if it is their first time relocating. Many of the schools we work with provide shared accommodation too, which is a great way to make friends! One’s thing for sure, you will never be lonely in Dubai.

Great schools

At Teachanywhere, we have been working with some great schools in Dubai over recent years. These can vary between British International Schools and also more local private schools. Both have their benefits and you can gain some fantastic experience working in schools where some of their student numbers include over 45 different nationalities! A big tip I would say is to definitely keep an open mind and be open to things within the extracurricular domain: schools do love teachers who can immerse themselves in this side and you can also pick up a new skillset along the way! One thing to bear in mind though is that competition can be fierce to get into schools in Dubai, as there are so many more teachers now relocating there.


With the glitz and glamour of Dubai, you have to bear in mind that it is not the cheapest of locations to go to. Comparing the cost of living out there to London, clothing is 13% higher, food is 9% higher and entertainment 4% higher.  What you also have to take into consideration, as mentioned previously, is the increase in teachers relocating has seen salaries also take a slight dip in the last 5 years. You can still come out with, on average, around 10,000 – 12,000 AED per month which is around £2000 - £2500 (depending on experience) and still a great pay packet! However, it is also not uncommon for salaries to start at around 8000 AED (£1600). You can still live a good life out there, depending how you spend your money. And, added to that you will have other extras like accommodation, flights, and medical included and covered. Just don’t think you can live a celebrity lifestyle out there all the time!

Other alternatives to Dubai…

If you are looking for other options than Dubai, try looking at other areas in the Middle East that can still offer great salaries and packages, but where the cost of living is much lower. Some top locations include Bahrain (Formula One hub!) and Oman (great beaches!). Both locations have a more relaxed and cultural background, and the cost of living in both countries is around 34% cheaper compared to Dubai. And, both countries are still within reach of Dubai if you want to visit for the weekend - Muscat is only an hour flight away.

Or what about Egypt? This is starting to become a very popular destination where we have secured teachers jobs, particularly this year. Add to this the opportunity to explore the historical pyramids and cost of living being 61% cheaper than Dubai, what’s not to like?

What next?

We are gearing up for another very busy and exciting time for helping our teachers secure amazing jobs for the next academic year. Biggest tip to help you secure that dream role? Keep your options open! Dubai is definitely one of my favourite locations (that I will probably still re-visit each year!) but don’t think that you can’t experience living in other fantastic places in the Middle East (and get more for your money!) If you want any help with taking that next step and teaching abroad, click here to get in touch with us.