Mysterious, exciting and unspoilt. Brunei is one the jewels in the crown of Asia ticks the boxes for those who want to experience an authentic way of life while marvelling at their surroundings.

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Brunei is probably best known for its wealthy ruler Hassanal Bolkiah but scratch the surface and the country offers a unique way of life combined with tax-free earnings. Those who live here can relax on its beaches, explore the country's landscape and live alongside its rich biodiversity. Education has been placed at the heart of the Brunei’s development and as a result teachers are often well resourced to educate both primary and secondary students. The state often provides subsidised accommodation for its teachers.


Teaching in Brunei


Not only does Teachanywhere support a small number of international schools in Brunei but we are partnered with a great charity providing Primary and English teachers across the more rural parts of the country. Be sure to ask your Teachanywhere advisor for more information.

Learn all about Brunei with our Teachanywhere experts.  We will make sure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to decide if Brunei is the place for you.


Education valued - Much resource has been ploughed into education, making it a growing sector.

Be respectful - All expats, especially women, should dress modestly and physical contact should not be made between members of the opposite sex in public.

Look after yourself - Healthcare in Brunei is good but take out medical insurance before you travel.

No language barrier - English is one of the most common spoken languages in Brunei, helping the transition.

Police checks - The police in Brunei conduct regular checks on roadsides looking for illegal alcohol and drugs.

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