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Interested in teaching in the Far East but not sure which country is right for you?

With so much to consider including types of schools, subjects and teaching level, as well as exotic and relaxed lifestyle versus fast-paced city buzz, we’d like to help you choose from one of our top destinations for teachers in the Far East.

China, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea are regularly hailed as the top 4 spots for teaching abroad, but there are several other countries to consider. 


One of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in Southeast Asia; the growing economy in Vietnam has resulted in an increase in the need for English speaking teachers in schools. To teach here you must have a Bachelor’s degree, the appropriate certification and experience, and be a native English speaker. The salary and benefits in Vietnam are some of the best in the region and professional development training is commonplace. Salaries are tax free. 


Primarily known for its idyllic beaches, tropical climate and exciting nightlife, Thailand also offers an abundance of opportunities for go-getting teachers looking to advance their careers and explore new employment opportunities.

Teachers are usually required to have at least 2 years of post-qualification experience to land a job in Thailand, as well as a bachelor’s degree and/or the appropriate certification. 

Papua New Guinea

Keen to make a difference to a developing education system? Teaching in Papua New Guinea is for the more adventurous teachers who are confident in their teaching practice and are interested in discovering this relatively unexplored region of the world. 


Teachers in Malaysia are presented with a variety of options regarding where, who and how they teach. The Malaysian government are in constant search of English speaking teachers to help enhance their existing education system and increase the employability of students and graduates by improving their communication skills in English. Teachers must be 27 or older to secure a visa. 


Education is highly valued in Indonesia, and good, dedicated teachers can expect to be recognised and rewarded as well. This exciting, multicultural city that is both urban and rural offers countless opportunities to teach students of all ages and from all backgrounds.

You will need to have a Bachelor’s degree to teach in Indonesia and five years' post qualifying teaching experience in order to secure a working visa. You should also ensure you have the appropriate certification in place before you apply; you will improve your chances of landing the best teaching jobs and securing a higher monthly salary.


A colourful and diverse country working with multiple curricula from all parts of the world; teaching in India offers ambitious teachers the chance to make a difference to the development of children from differing backgrounds. Teachers are usually required to have 1-2 years’ experience teaching in the relevant field.

If you’re considering living in India, you’ll encounter beaches, deserts and forests, and in your free time, can experience camel safaris, cruises and Hindu festivals, or visit the River Ganges or the Taj Mahal.

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